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Sinopec nanyang energy chemical industry co., LTD of Henan Oilfield Branch Company China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation is located in the Nanyang city , Henan Province .It was first established in 1975. Currently it is an plant which has 19 sets of production units and three production systems, fuel oil system, wax systiem, lubricating oil and chemical system. The wax production system is including 150 kt/a furfural refining unit, 160 kt/a alkone-benzene dewaxing -deoiling unit, 60 kt/a wax clay treating unit, 3 kt7a high pressure hydrogenation treatment unit, 80 kt/a special wax blending and forming unit. 

There are 460 professional technologists in Sinopec nanyang energy chemical industry co., LTDincluding 90 people with senior technical titles. There are more than 120 sets of various research instruments qualified the special wax analyses and development methods such as the paraffin carbon distribution measurement, the laser particle size analyzes, the paraffin wax oxidation, the paraffin wax emulsion, the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon content determination, the DSC paraffin wax hot enthalpy analysis, the chromatographic-massspectrometry, atomic absorption spectrophotometric analysis and ......【详情】

  • The nanyang energy company established a ZhiDaiHui work goals this year
  • Two environmental renovation project occupational-disease-prevention facilities through the completion inspection and acceptance
  • The supervision of the state administration of work safety for investigators to our factory inspection guidance
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Sinopec nanyang energy chemical industry co., LTD

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E-mall: nynyhg@163.com

Add: central south road, north of henan province nanyang oilfield

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